Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

There is nothing more important than your health and well-being. Not only is this true for individuals, but also applies to companies. We offer onsite wellness challenges and group workouts for staff to directly impact the health of your employees. Healthy, active employees are less stressed, happier and are even more productive throughout the day.  Let us help your employees achieve a healthier lifestyle which will lead to lower health care costs and a much improved work environment.

Encourage healthy living and offer compelling perks to employees without spending a lot of money.

In Michigan, the medical cost of physical inactivity has been estimated at $1,500 per adult annually for a total cost to the state of $8.9 billion.  Physical inactivity also accounts for the loss of 20 workdays per adult annually in absence and reduced productivity. Additionally, cigarette smokers are absent from work on average 6.5 days per year more than nonsmokers.  More than ever employers are looking for ways to create a healthier workforce through health insurance incentives, corporate membership programs, on-site health assessments, education classes, and programs. Thus, the corporate wellness Program was born.

With increasing health insurance premiums, many employers are looking for ways to reduce costs.  In fact, according to, August 2010 edition, 67% of employers in the United States intend to expand or improve their wellness programs.  Plus, Corporate wellness programs add to the longevity of each and every employee. Remember, employees are a business’ most precious investment! The benefit/cost ratio has been found to be that for every $3 spent on wellness programs, $1 is saved; not a bad return!


Advanced Health Sales & Consulting LLC has created a well rounded wellness program that may consist of:

  • Wellness Coordinator who will assist in yearly wellness planning, monthly meetings with newly appointed wellness team, and employee coaching.
  • Establish partnerships for on-site clinical screening, weight loss programs, corporate gym memberships, and education classes.
  • Provide fun, team building wellness challenges.
  • Outcome based reporting to management team.

Julene B- Great Trainer!

Jake has changed my life in that he has taught me how to workout in a way where I get the most out of my workouts. I get to workout with him only once a week, but I look forward to it each time! Thank you, Jake!