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“Nothing short of fantastic”

Patty Siegel and the other staff at Advanced Health Sales have been nothing short of fantastic with the customer service they have provided. They were instrumental in educating our district staff on choosing the best insurance benefits for themselves and their families, as well as assisting our administration with ideas for financial savings for the district. Whenever we have questions, they are handled quickly and with care. We could not be more satisfied with their knowledge and professionalism that has helped the district make wise financial decisions, without making sacrifices to the quality of our employee health plans.

Jesse Rickard
Director of Finance
Hart Public Schools

“I highly recommend Advanced Health Sales”

Our district has partnered with Advanced Health Sales & Consulting for many years now, and all of my time as district superintendent. Patty always presents a variety of good options that meet our employee groups’ needs and the constraints of district budgets or state cap levels. In 2016, we made a health insurance switch for our teacher group and other employee groups that both put money back into our employees’ paychecks and moved us to a self-funded option for dental/vision that will save the district money and share a portion of those savings with our staff. I highly recommend Advanced Health Sales; please contact me to discuss our success in managing employee benefits.

Timothy Donahue
Potterville Public Schools

“Excellent customer service”

We chose Advanced Health & Consulting because of their knowledge of health insurance options,   regulations, and excellent customer service.  They offered insurance options we could not get from other providers and met whenever necessary with our employee groups.  I highly recommend Advanced Health Sales & Consulting to any school district looking for fiscally responsible health care solutions.

Dan Bauer
Shelby Public Schools

“A great resource and a true asset”

Patty has been a great resource and a true asset to me as a LEA Business Manager.  She has been working with Saranac Community Schools for the last 7 years.  She works well with our employees and our Administrative Team, taking time to explain to all of us the differences between the types of insurances and ensures everyone understands their plans and their options.  She brings a variety of plans and ideas to help maximize the benefits while still making it an affordable rate for the employees.  During Fiscal Year 2017, with Patty’s assistance, two of our associations changed insurances, going from a monthly medical copay of over $200 a month to a monthly copay now of $2.  Patty assisted with the migration of the group.  I don’t know how I would have managed it on my own.  She also helps me with my annual Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) filing and with answering any employees’ question, ranging from what they should do when they become eligible by age for Medicare to questions about their policy.  I can rest assured knowing that any assistance I need with Employee Benefits will be easily and quickly handled by Patty.  I am truly thankful for her!

Jammie Sprank
Finance Director
Saranac Community Schools